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  • Luis Vivas - Sabato 15 Giugno 2013 16:53
    Prostemma bicolor (Rambur, 1839)
  • Luis Vivas - Sabato 15 Giugno 2013 16:49
    Oncocephalus pilicornis
  • Luis Vivas - Sabato 15 Giugno 2013 16:48
    Dovrebbe essere Notochilus limbatus (Fieber, 1780)
    Solo il primo segmento rosso, il resto scuro.
  • Donatella - Martedì 12 Marzo 2013 22:16
  • Donatella - Martedì 12 Marzo 2013 22:14
  • Kelly - Venerdì 15 Febbraio 2013 12:23
    Thanks Jim! I'm glad to hear that someone aclaltuy read my paper! It's also nice to hear from an odonate person who thinks I could be right about how pond abandonment and roost seeking behaviors might be the same behavior. There are very few people who do anything with odonates in my immediate area, and even fewer who do any sort of research on them, so it's nice to get some feedback.
  • Apryant - Venerdì 16 Novembre 2012 16:40
    My Grandson and I were in my swimming pool when a dnoragfly zoomed in and hovered in front of my Grandson's face appearing to be starring at him. The dnoragfly would then fly from one side of the pool to the other side always with my Grandson in the middle. He would hover at each side of the pool and periodically stopped in front of my Grandson always appearing to be staring in his face. The dnoragfly never once hovered by me. Since we did not understand the dnoragfly's action, I teased my Grandson that maybe he should wash his hair more often (he is 11 years old). I told my Grandson we should google to see what the drangonfly was doing and found your site very interesting. My Grandson is also one of the people that attracts mosquitos. When he was 4 years old and did not want to come in from play time, we would get him in the house on occasion by telling him the mosquitos we coming out and he would run to get inside the house so he would not get bites. We have also visited a butterfly farm and the butterflies would land on him but never on me.
  • Hoeju - Venerdì 16 Novembre 2012 09:07
    Hey, subtle must be your mdidle name. Great post!
  • Amiio - Venerdì 16 Novembre 2012 08:19
    Hello Mr. Salvatore,I'm the mother of one of those puilps of the Italian school in Parma, who participated to the lab School of Ants, and today we doubled this fantastic experence at the University of Parma, my two children have been invited to the lab with Fiorenza and Cristina (very nice teachers).They enjoyed watching the ants at the microscope, draw and colour and make different parts of the ant. I enjoyed it too. Unfortunately, bad weather ruined the outdoor activities, but it was a very nice initiative. My child Alessio (7 years old) loves science and maths. Best regards Mariangela
  • Sonny - Mercoledì 27 Giugno 2012 12:05
    Good point. I hadn't tohuhgt about it quite that way. :)